Absolutely! We strive to make Con of Thrones accessible to anyone who wishes to be involved, whether they are attendees, exhibitors, volunteers, presenters, press, or staff! We do our best to shape our event space in a way that takes into account a variety of accessibility needs, from hearing difficulties to mental health or even allergies. However, we cannot predict every individual's unique needs, so we offer several ways for all individuals in attendance to give us more information about their specific access needs:

  1. For attendees, when registering, you will be asked if you have disabilities that will impact your time at the event, and if so, you will be prompted to tell us about what we can do to make your experience better.
  2. We will be sending around a form via email to everyone who will be in attendance which will ask for identifying information, offer a checklist of potential access needs (including space to fill in your own), and give space to expand more in writing.
  3. If you would rather reach out proactively, we invite you to email us at help@conofthrones.net or reach out to your specific point person if applicable.  

We strongly encourage you to share your access needs with us in one of these ways use this form so that we can customize your experience. More information about accessibility at Con of Thrones for attendees who have any type of physical, mental health, or other disability needs can be found here.